Types of Billboards That Never Fail to Capture Attention


Types of Billboards That Never Fail to Capture Attention

23 Mar 2021

Outdoor Advertising media comes in many forms. It can be in the form of posters, television or print ads, or even the big bright billboards you often see when you are driving.

You can’t help but notice them and even remember when the messages are creative and quirky. This is the impact billboards have on your audience. It effortlessly catches the eye of the audience, and subtly sits in their brain. 

This can help to improve brand awareness, reach, and exposure quickly. But did you know, choosing the right type of billboard is also crucial to determine the effectiveness of the campaign?

Yes, there are many types of billboards. Some are more effective than others. In this blog, we discuss the top 5 types of billboards that are sure to catch the attention of your audience. 


Top 5 Types of Billboards


1. Classic or Bulletin Billboards

These are the classic billboards used to advertise a brand in high-traffic regions. They can be viewed by both pedestrians as well as people driving by. As time went by, the size of these boards has increased to increase their visibility. You can often see them on highways, streets, etc. 

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 2. Vinyl Billboards

Made from the material called polyvinyl chloride- hence the name vinyl billboards- these billboards are bright and vibrant in color. They are spray painted with UV-resistant paint and hence last for about three to five years. They are digitally printed by banners that showcase company events, logos, ads, etc. 


3. Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are often highly effective to reach thousands of people in a day. They are ads placed on public transport or moving vehicles. They are viewed by different audience segments and garner better visibility, unlike static billboards. They usually target areas where a larger audience is present allowing wider reach.


4. Three-dimensional Billboards

One of the latest and trending kinds of billboards in the outdoor advertising industry, 3-D billboards are very creative, artistic, and effective. They are billboards designed to emphasize grabbing maximum attention by making the image at focus pop out. These can be a great way to increase brand exposure amongst the audience.


5. Digital Billboards

Although expensive, digital billboards are also very effective to help brands reach a wider audience and gain better exposure. Digital billboards are placed in high-traffic and footfall areas of the city to showcase brand messages and vital information like temperature, news, stock market updates, etc.  


Tips for an effective Billboard

Apart from choosing the right billboard, it is important to keep these tips in mind to improve its effectiveness and impact. Billboard that carries the right elements into its making is crucial for the advertising campaign’s success. 


  • Keep it creative and simple
  • Keep the text large and colors vibrant
  • Your marketing message matters
  • Place your billboard in a high-traffic region
  • Place your billboard closer to your locality 


We hope this helped!

At Slipdisc, we take a great deal of care to understand your business and its needs and then choose the right kind of services to help you reign successful in your advertising campaigns. We design our billboards creatively, and effectively to garner maximum attention and impressions in the prime locations of Goa. 




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