Top 5 Outdoor Advertising Trends in 2021


Top 5 Outdoor Advertising Trends in 2021

10 Mar 2021

Outdoor Advertising methods are still prominent and one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness, reach, and exposure quickly.

But have you taken a look at the upcoming trends for the year 2021?

In this blog, we discuss some of the hottest and effective trends in Outdoor advertising media that you need to know of!


Top 5 Trends in Outdoor Advertising Industry


1. Increase in Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital billboards have been on the rise in recent years. And this is likely to pick up momentum in the year 2021, as brands would want to advertise themselves even more after the pandemic to help their reach and awareness.

Digital Billboards are a great way to advertise to the masses and showcase your brand in high-traffic areas and prime locations of the city. They are much easier and more convenient to move and are also a cost-effective way to increase your exposure.


2. Power of Storytelling

Humans love stories. We connect to them. This is why brands are leveraging this aspect to create a story behind their campaigns to help emotionally connect to their audience. When the audience relates to a brand story, they are more likely to remember and interact with the brand.

A brand with the same product but with a compelling story is likely to receive a better response. This storytelling trend has seen much popularity in the year 2021, as brands are encashing the audience’s emotion to connect their brand to them. Authentic stories that are also compelling often increase engagement.


3. Mobile Integration in Outdoor Advertising

The new and exciting trend in the outdoor advertising sector is, brands employing methods to enhance customer experience and interactions with the advertisement boards. This can be a fun and creative way to get the audience to notice, recognize and interact with the ad boards.

To make this happen, outdoor advertising has integrated with mobile to improve customer experience. It also helps learn about its user-behavior and receive feedback from the audience that further helps improve the campaign.


4. Better Reach with Lower expenses

While before Outdoor advertising worked to attract masses to increase brand awareness and reach a specific set of audiences. But this is bound to change. Outdoor advertisements with the help of the latest technology and measurements are now focusing on reaching the target audience and doing the same cost-effectively.

The key here is to plan smartly to reduce costs and directly target the consumers. In-depth analysis of consumer-behavior and other insights have made advertising possible with lesser budget and time. In 2021, outdoor advertising is likely to turn to the most contextually relevant by extracting useful data from target consumers and their interactions with the brand.


5. More Creativity

The one important factor that never seems to run out of style and always stays in trend is creativity. Every brand when advertising tries its best to stand out and convey its message to its audience. As an audience, we are exposed to numerous brands in our day-to-day lives but the only ones we notice and remember are something that stood apart from the mundane.

Brands are employing various tactics such as color psychology, persuasive copy, and quirky marketing techniques to stand apart from their competitors. This isn’t new and has been a tactic used for several years. But in recent years, brands are trying to get more creative and think out-of-the-box for their advertising campaigns.

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