4 Reasons to Advertise Your Business through Outdoor Advertising


4 Reasons to Advertise Your Business through Outdoor Advertising

25 Feb 2021

Outdoor advertising has been around for quite a long time. And even to this day, is still impactful and effective in building, and growing your brand. Outdoor advertising involves billboards, mobile ads, etc.

It is used to build brand awareness, grow your reach, and increase impressions of your brand to help increase its recognition and sales. Even top brands like Coke, Pepsi, McDonald’s, and more are invested in the impact of billboards and other sources of outdoor advertising, to increase their hold in the market.

But why is outdoor advertising needed? In the digital era, it seems quite easy to advertise on online platforms to help increase your brand’s reach. Although this isn’t wrong, Outdoor advertising is still one of the best and cost-effective ways to do the same. We have listed 4 strong reasons why your brand needs outdoor advertising campaigns along with effective digital marketing strategies!

1. Cost-effective

Outdoor form advertising costs 80% lesser television and makes up for only 7% of the total average budget spent on advertisements. It is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising your brand. Billboard advertising and other forms of outdoor messaging help connect the audience to the brand. It is also a great way to increase your brand recognition and enable brand recalling to your audience.

2. Timing

Timing is another important advantage when it comes to outdoor advertising. Did you know? 98% of people see an OOH ad each week. Advertisements such as billboards are often placed in prime locations with higher footfall and traffic, around commercial places. This can highly influence your audience’s purchase decision towards your brand.

3. 24*7

The best thing about outdoor advertising methods such as billboards is that it broadcasts your message 24*7 without any breaks or ad blockers. And the audience does look and even talk about the advertisements they see on roads. This allows maximum exposure and attention gained from your target audience.

4. Higher reach

With the advantage of being placed in prime locations, and no ad blockers or restraints, outdoor media can help fetch your brand maximum impressions. People tend to look at billboards when driving by. According to the survey, almost 71% of Consumers Often Look at the Messages on Roadside Billboards while an estimated 26% of consumers visited a store as a result of seeing an OOH ad. This clearly shows that the higher impression rate results in better growth, success, and revenue for the brand.

Outdoor media and advertisements can be a great way to amplify and increase your brand’s reach along with driving engagement and connecting to your audience. Apart from this, outdoor ads can help your brand receive a wider range of attention at a much faster pace compared to other platforms. You too, can now leverage the power of outdoor media for your brand with the help of Slipdisc.

We, at Slipdisc, can help you broadcast and grow your brand in the prime locations of Goa, and bring in the leads, awareness, and growth your brand deserves. Get your brand an effective billboard today!

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