Traditional Marketing Vs. Modern Marketing


Traditional Marketing Vs. Modern Marketing

23 Nov 2020

Traditional Marketing Vs. Modern Marketing: Which one is better?

The key to a successful business lies in the effective marketing strategies that it implements. Marketing is one of the important aspects of various business operations right from building brand awareness, to making sales and building engagement. Neglecting this is one of the worst business mistakes anyone can make.

There are various marketing techniques marketers employ to achieve desired goals. Devising a marketing strategy for executing and tracking the results is what drives businesses forward in this cut-throat competition. With the advent of technology, there are many aspects of marketing that are being put into practice by businesses.

But broadly, we can classify marketing to be two types: Traditional and Modern Marketing.

This blog focuses on discussing the two types of marketing, their purposes, and comparing the two to understand them based on the results they provide for businesses.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing refers to the marketing techniques and processes applied a few years or decades back. Also, considered as Early marketing methods used by businesses to sell and promote their products and services.

Traditional Marketing methods employ the use of banners, bus shelter ads, posters, transit media display, radio, television ads, billboards, etc. to promote businesses and increase their brand awareness. Apart from this, cards, newspaper ads, letters are some of the other existing traditional marketing methods. While some businesses are no longer dependent on some of the aspects of traditional marketing, it cannot be denied that these methods are still effective and useful for businesses to compromise and not to go without.

The biggest advantage of traditional marketing is that it is easier to understand and simpler to execute. Since people have been exposed to traditional marketing methods for a long time in their lives, they are bound to understand and get influenced by them. This is why having effective, relevant, and well-thought-of traditional marketing methods can potentially lead your business ahead and get the desired results.

Modern Marketing

Modern Marketing refers to recently evolved marketing techniques and processes that are mostly online. It is also called digital marketing. With the improvement and launch of newer and better technology and tools, marketing has evolved in the digital realm, thus creating the path for businesses to transition and create an online presence.

Modern marketing has been diversified to various aspects like SEO, SEM, Social media, and ad campaigns. It focuses on building brand reputation, increasing awareness, generating leads, and converting them to customers. It is highly targeted and employs various tools and software to monitor marketing strategies.

The biggest advantages of modern marketing are, its highly-targeted approaches help bring in quality leads. It is cost-effective, accurate, and exposes your businesses to your potential customer base. The tools also help track your campaigns so you know what works for your business.  

Traditional Marketing Vs. Modern Marketing

The one big question that always draws in mixed opinions from marketers still remains unanswered accurately. While modern marketing undoubtedly is evolving and bringing in sales, customers, and revenues, traditional marketing methods too, are not out of style yet. Traditional Marketing methods like television ads, newspapers, and billboards are very much in trend and are still highly-impactful to the audience. Since they have been long exposed to these methods of advertisements, people tend to easily catch up on them.

Traditional Marketing methods are more focused on building brand awareness, brand recall, and making sales, while Modern Marketing focuses on building engagement, trust, community to attract, convert, and retain customers.

While both the marketing methods serve different purposes, they still have the same goal. i.e. to help grow and promote the business. When devising marketing plans, Businesses can leverage the relevant aspects of both traditional and modern marketing to get the most out of their marketing strategies and reap the maximum benefits that come along with it.

There is, without a doubt, a scope for digital marketing gaining the limelight. But marketers are well-aware that traditional marketing is the foundation from which digital marketing is built. The mediums and platforms may have changed but the fundamentals remain the same. Thus, traditional marketing and modern marketing must go hand-in-hand for the business to grow and thrive.

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