Importance of billboard advertising after pandemic situation in Goa


Importance of billboard advertising after pandemic situation in Goa

15 Dec 2020

Amidst such unprecedented conditions of the virus outbreak that to the worldwide pandemic, advertisers find themselves in a tough spot to continue their business. They are trying to understand how to work their way across such unforeseen and unexpected times to understand the new-framework and mindset of the consumers, post-pandemic.

This situation also paved the way for newfound methodologies, innovations, and strategies to gain visibility and traction to grow and advertise businesses. We know this pandemic isn’t going to last longer and when the restrictions are lifted and life gradually gets back to the ‘new normal’ it becomes important to understand the ‘new’, to adopt an action plan for the post-covid situation.

Before we get on with what advertisers-especially out of home advertisers- can do, we need to understand how the consumer-behavior has been affected due to Covid-19, how it has changed, and what ways one can reach them.

How has consumer behaviour changed post-pandemic?

Even after the economy and the world stabilize, there will still be a considerable change in consumer-behavior of the audience. There are likely to be higher buying activity and this can be inclined towards, health and safety concerns. Even after the pandemic, the audience continues maintaining social-distancing and advertisers have to find a way to increase their reach, and visibility even during such conditions.

But there are many positive changes noticed in the purchase-decisions and consumer-behavior of the people as it was estimated that almost 72% of people are open to trying new brands. This paves for many businesses to take advantage of businesses to advertise themselves and gain market share.

Apart from this, outdoor advertising is also estimated to foresee a brighter future after the pandemic, as people are more likely to stay sensitive and appreciate the public and outdoors owing to the lockdown. According to billboard insider, 45% of Consumers Notice OOH Ads More Post Pandemic, this offers a huge opportunity for brands to choose outdoor advertising media like billboards, bus shelter ads, railway advertising to gain maximum exposure to influence customers to choose their brand.

The pandemic has brought a newfound appreciation and sensitivity to the audience and they now enjoy going outdoors, making purchases, and trying new brands. Consumers are more open to learning about brands, due to increased interest in safety and health concerns and their choices of products and brands are greatly determined due to the pandemic.

What can Businesses Do?

Businesses can now leverage out of the home advertising methods to gain better visibility and exposure. As mentioned above, people are now appreciating and noticing different signs, boards, and generally enjoying their surroundings. They are also willing to make better and newer purchase-choices. This leaves a great opportunity for businesses to position themselves in the market and increase brand awareness.

The more people see and recognize your brand, the more they are likely to trust you and buy from you. The location of the advertisement matters more than ever. Where will your ideal audience go?

Consider a gradual and thought-out approach when it comes to revving your business. Trying different out-of-home media allows you to engage and reach your customer base widely and instantly. This slowly builds awareness and credibility around your business.

Focus on newer and better methodologies and consider the audience’s sentiments while doing so. Use the right marketing message relevant to these times to uplift and support your consumers instead of being too pushy about making sales. come up with special offers, discounts, and ways to reach audiences better and safely.

To conclude, the right media and advertising strategies are something that every business needs right now to get back on track. The pandemic has hit hard for everyone. And this effect is likely to remain even after months the quarantine is lifted. All the businesses can now do is gear up to get back on their feet, and do so wisely.


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