How to Choose an Ideal Location for Billboard Advertising


How to Choose an Ideal Location for Billboard Advertising

10 Feb 2021

Billboard advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that showcases your brand along with its marketing message on a large board. The goal here is to get the audience to notice, remember and reach out to you. Billboards have been around for decades and their effectiveness and impact still prevail.


Even top brands like McDonald’s, Coke, Pepsi, Apple, and more use billboard, and other forms for outdoor advertising to garner attention and improve their brand presence. According to reports, Over 3.7 billion pounds is spent on outdoor advertising each year and 62% of those ads are billboards.


When it comes to yielding the best results for your Billboard advertising campaigns, there are few factors you might have to consider. Some of them include Marketing message, creativity, budget, designs, and location. Among these, location remains a prominent factor to consider when choosing to advertise through billboards.


But why is location so important? What is an ideal location and how does one choose it?

Read on further to find the answers to these questions.


Why is location important?


The idea of Billboards is to get people to notice you. The effectiveness of outdoor advertising campaigns is mainly through the number of impressions it receives and this is only possible when the brand chooses to advertise in a good location. According to a study, 74% of billboards within a driver’s sight of vision are noted, and that 48% are read. This tells us what we need to know about the effectiveness and impact billboards can have on your brand.


A great location allows a huge audience to notice your billboard. This is why, often brands want to choose highways, high-traffic roads, metropolitan areas to advertise. These places are often called the prime locations. But what makes these locations so effective? Keep reading to find out.


What to consider while choosing a location?


A great location paves way for billboard advertising to drive better results and impact for the brand. Billboards can be highly successful when taken the time to evaluate, plan and execute them in the right locations with the right message. Here are some of the factors a brand needs to consider for choosing an ideal location:


1. Visibility of the Billboard

The main motive of having a billboard for a brand is so that people can notice and effectively read them. This is why it comes important to place it in a way that is easily visible and readable by the audience. Ensure that the billboard is not behind traffic signals, or covered by trees, or have any other hindrance.


2. The traffic of the location

Billboards are highly effective in areas with high traffic count. The idea is simple, the more people see your billboard, the more effective it is. So, make sure to have done your research on the high-traffic roads in your area and choose the one with a high-traffic count.


3. The Proximity of the location to the business

Your business must be within reach. This is why place your billboards in closer proximity to your business. This will help the audience to find you and give easy access. This is better for restaurants, food brands, supermarts, etc. The important motive here to direct a prospect to your business and make it easy to reach you.


4. Location for the right audience

Not everyone is your target audience. Ensure to place your billboard in a location that matches the community values and aligns with your brand value. This makes it important to understand audience demographics such as age, gender, income, and purchase-behavior. Once you understand this, you can easily pick a location that resonates with your brand’s ideal client persona.


Apart from this, ensure that your billboard is both visible and readable by avoiding clutter and too much information. Keep it clean and digestible and ensure it reaches your target audience.


Do you also want to find and advertise your business in an ideal location?


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