Why brands should opt for Outdoor Advertising


Why brands should opt for Outdoor Advertising

23 Sep 2020

Here are the Three reasons why Brands need OOH


When we talk about Outdoor Advertising, it can be any form of Advertising that is done outside of homes to grab people’s attention. There are various forms of outdoor advertising, among with Billboards are the most well-known.


In this kind of advertisement, the outdoor spaces are utilized to create an impact on the brand. There are a lot of benefits to advertising your brand outdoor, which we will convey in the article. But this is one of the most creative and impactful forms of showcasing the brand to a mass audience to create a positive impact.


Companies like Google, Amazon, Coco-cola, and Apple, who are considered the top 20 brands in the world, employ Outdoor Advertising to increase their brand awareness and sales. They have undoubtedly noticed a customer engagement and an increase in ROI due to these advertising campaigns and have consistently invested in OOH Advertising.


Let’s look at some of the many benefits Outdoor Advertising helps Brands:


1. Increase Brand Awareness

Unlike the other traditional digital advertising campaigns, Outdoor advertising helps deliver consistent, relevant, and creative messages to a large group audience and builds awareness towards the brand. According to a European study, it was found that, 38 percent of people visited a specific Facebook page after viewing an ad and that 25 percent sought out the brand on Instagram. This proves OOH Ads help reach and captivate audiences effortlessly and effectively.


2. Higher Conversion Rate

Big Brands know something that others don’t. They know that customers are unlikely to search for brands they don’t even know exists. Big Brands focus to invest in building customer relationships, trust, and credibility. Although Digital Marketing strategies rightfully help do the same, OOH has a better impact in achieving these results. People notice ads on billboards and posters out of homes. This is why top brands encash this effectively to help familiarise their brand to the audience.


Still don’t believe it? It would be surprising to know that McDonald’s spent a shocking $988 million on brand advertising, in a bid to build bonds with customers and increase turnover in 2013. And we all know popular and recognized they are!


3. Brand Visibility

As we already discussed, OOH advertisements especially Billboard’s and mobile transit advertising helps increase brand awareness among the mass audience. This paves way for better brand visibility and recognition too. The more the audience recognizes and familiarizes them with the brand, the faster they would build trust and lasting relationships. 


Billboards are advantageous due to their size, location, and visibility. Top Brand encashes this opportunity and creatively advertise themselves on such prime locations to gain the maximum visibility of passer-by.


These are just some of the vast benefits one can avail with the help of Outdoor Advertisings. Effective, relevant, and creative OOH advertising can hugely impact your brand’s image, awareness, leads, and sales positively. Contrary to the belief that traditional advertising methods no more hold the reliability, OOH ads are highly reliable, and require fewer efforts, and bring higher ROIs to the brand.


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