Impact of Billboard Advertising for Your Brand


Impact of Billboard Advertising for Your Brand

27 Jan 2021

Here’s Why Your Business Needs Billboards!


The land of pristine beaches and mesmerizing sunsets- Goa is known just for its beauty. Apart from this, the state is also the land of budding businesses that contribute to the state’s economy and growth. Despite being the smallest state in the country, Goa is no less when it comes to competition amongst the brands to establish a stronghold in the market.


This leaves for a cut-throat battle among various brands to showcase and reach their consumers. In a situation like this, it becomes important to choose a medium that can effortlessly get your consumers to notice, reach and remember you.


This is where Billboards come in!


But Why Billboards?


Billboards are large advertising structures that comprise the brand logo and its marketing message. They are placed in prime locations of the city with high traffic and footfall. Billboards are a great way to grab the attention of pedestrians, drivers, and passers-by. This is mainly because of its size and visibility.


Typically, Billboard Ads are designed to be bright, colourful, and persuasive. This is so that the audience instantly gets attracted to the area and takes note of the brand and its information. Billboards are often funny too! According to a survey, 56% of the audience talked about something funny they saw on a roadside billboard. The more unique the ad, the better the attention it draws.


In a state like Goa, several prime locations are frequented by people every day. It becomes easy for brands to promote themselves on such locations and garner reach, attention, and growth for their business.


How Do Billboards Work?


The biggest challenge for any budding or an established business is getting the audience to know about them. Businesses tend to spend a lot of money with the same aim. But with Billboards, this becomes easy. You have one board that is attracting thousands of people every day!


This is how powerful and impactful a Billboard can prove for your business.


Billboards in Goa’s high-traffic locations can attract a large number of audiences for your brand in less time compared to any other advertising forms. But this is often an overlooked aspect. The growth of advertisements in digital platforms has led businesses to believe that billboards are a huge and unnecessary expenditure. But it may come as a surprise that this form of advertising costs 80% lesser than television ads and offers a much better reach. Billboards are a one-time investment that offers a huge return on investment.

With 98% of people who are on the move, notice at least one billboard a week, making this media is an untapped force. This comes to understanding as to why big brands like McDonald’s, Coke, and Pepsi still heavily rely on Billboard advertising methods.


Local businesses in Goa can utilize Billboards to effectively target their local audience to reach, and develop a strong market hold. People often look at the message and make a subconscious note of the brand. This builds brand awareness, recognition, trust, and credibility. This leads to 68% of such audiences influencing their purchase decisions based on these boards.


With Slipdisc’s Billboard services, your business can effectively advertise and promote itself via large and attractive billboards. Our extensive billboard campaigns advertise your business in prime locations of Goa and offer to track, monitor, and analyse your billboard campaigns for maximum efficacy and growth of your business.


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