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We've had to deal with all kinds of questions regarding our name. So we'll just set the record straight. We are an outdoor advertising agency that delivers cutting-edge creativity. We take great pride in our product. We are the best in Goa - and aim to be the best in the world!

Young, brash and edgy - that's us, in a nutshell. We believe in aggressive marketing and outdoor advertising. In a short span our work is being recognized by corporates as well as consumers.

Why 'Slipdisc'?

The original Slipdisc was a swinging discotheque in the late 60's- 70's, situated in the bylanes of Colaba, Bombay. In fact it was Bombay's and the country's first.

When we started out we were heavily into events - most of them being music or dance related. The edginess associated with 'Slipdisc' inspired us. We appropriated the name - since the disco had shut down a long time ago.

And you've guessed right, life is one big paaaaarty at Slipdisc. We intensely enjoy our work. We are very passionate about it.

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